Indian Ocean Craft Triennial 2024


1 August - 29 September 2024 John Curtin Gallery, Bentley, WA 
Whadjuk Noongar Boodja (Country)

In 2024 the 2nd Indian Ocean Craft Triennial investigates the multi-various languages codified in contemporary craft. Visit the major international exhibition at six galleries, conference, and over 70 more exhibitions and events across Western Australia.

Tjanpi Desert Weavers are thrilled to exhibit a new collection of works: Ngura Tjanpi (Grass Country) created by artists from Mimili Community on the APY Lands, SA.

Ngura Tjanpi reflects the shapes and forms found on Country and the tools and equipment made and used by women in pre-contact times, some of which include mina (bird nests), piti (burrows), kapi kartalpa (rock holes), tali (sand hills) and pitis (wooden carrying dish).

The works were created by salvaging metal seat frames from remote motorcar graveyards and using them as free-form weaving frames. The sculptures take on the shape of the frames, warped and undulating. The process of weaving softens the form and imbues the work with the colours and stories of Country and culture.


Featured Artists: Daisy Barney, Harriet Bryant (pictured), Betty Campbell, Fiona Dodd, Kathy Dodd, Kim Dodd, Mrs Dodd (dec.), Sheena Dodd, Emma Singer, Paulin Wangin and Pinuka (Margaret) Yai Yai.

Techincal assistance provided by: Em Frank, Kate Franklin, Jane Yai Yai & Puna Yamuna.