The Voice

We're saying UWA to the Voice

Kulinmaya munu malakungku ungama nganananya
"Give us back our voice"

For thousands and thousands of years we have had our own systems and laws. We want to have that Voice back. We want to be able to tell governments what is right for us. We know what will work for us.

Why we say UWA (yes) to the Voice

For over four decades the NPY women’s Council has advocated loudly and proudly for Anangu. Our Directors have seen change in Governments, tried and failed policies and broken promises.

Now we have a once in a generation opportunity to say UWA for listening to Anangu and all First Nations peoples across Australia.

Pictured NPY Women's Council Directors left to right: Margaret Smith (NPYWC Chairperson), Yanyi Bandicha & Wanatjura Lewis

We need to have a strong voice to Government more than ever. When Anangu get to decide what is best for Anangu is when there are real and long-lasting improvements for communities in the NPY region. We have seen when this works.

Decisions by Government are not improving the health and wellbeing of our people. In many remote communities it is worsening. Something needs to change and we need to be part of the solution.

We believe the Voice will work towards this change.

Learn more about the Voice below or read our FAQ page here!

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