Giving Campaign

Tjanpi Desert Weavers is one of the few opportunities for self-initiated income in the central and western desert region, enabling women living in these communities to make an income from fibre art.

Each year, Tjanpi generates approximately $200,000 in income for our artists. The benefits to artists extend past this monetary income and encompass a number of positive social outcomes too.

Unfortunately, the costs involved in running the enterprise mean we cannot rely on artwork sales alone but must also depend on other sources of income to keep the boat afloat. We are privileged to receive some government funding but we also rely on donations from the public to keep us going.

So, while purchasing Tjanpi artworks is one way to support the enterprise, you can also help by making a donation. These funds go towards supporting our field officers to regularly travel to all 26 remote communities spread throughout the NPY region (350,000 square kilometres), purchasing artworks from the artists, supplying art materials, holding skills development workshops, and facilitating grass collecting trips which allow a number of other cultural maintenance activities to also take place. Below are some cold hard examples of what your cash can do.

  • $10 can provide a hank of raffia for an artist.
  • $35 can provide a crowbar to women collecting grass and hunting for bush tucker.
  • $50 can pay a kungka (younger woman) to collect grass for a minyma (senior lady).
  • $100 can provide weaving kits to two artists.
  • $360 can engage six artists in casual employment at Tjanpi Corner for a few hours.
  • $2500 can support a three-day community workshop with 15 artists.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

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