Watarru SA

Anne was inspired to learn the Tjanpi coiled basketry technique after watching her mother, Wipana Jimmy, and aunty, Tinpulya Mervin, practise this artform. Anne has a strong sculptural sensibility and her baskets are unique and interesting. Anne enjoys working on a large scale and experimenting with new styles. Her baskets and sculptures are highly sought after artworks.

Anne has taken to producing flat sculptures with the same skilful eye and dexterity that she displays in her three-dimensional works.

Anne was born in Alice Springs in July 1965. Her father’s country is Pipalyatjara in South Australia, approximately 550 kilometres south of Alice Springs. Her mother’s country is Nyapari, also located in South Australia. Her mother’s Tjukurpa is the Makiri (honey ant). After Anne was born, her mother and her travelled on the train to Pukatja (Ernabella) in South Australia where she went to school. Later she also lived in Fregon. After meeting her husband Simon Dixon in 1984, they moved to Watarru, South Australia. There they raised their three children, Elain, Darren and Noreen alongside Anne’s sisters and their children. After that they lived at Nypapari before finally moving to Haasts Bluff in 1999. It was in Haasts Bluff that Anne first started painting with her mother-in-law, Alice Nampitjinpa Dixon at the Ikuntji Women’s and Art Centre. Anne divides her time between Alice Springs, where her husband teaches at Yirara College, and Haasts Bluff.