Pukatja (Ernabella) SA

As a young woman, Carlene worked in the Ernabella Mission craft room where she learnt to make rugs, and other wool crafts. When Ernabella Arts began she started to develop her painting craft, and then when Tjanpi Desert Weavers began she saw the other ladies weaving and wanted to do it herself. She said she saw what they were doing and wanted to join in, saying it was a lovely job for ladies and it brought in a bit of money for the family.

Carlene was born in the bush near Aputula (Finke). Her family lived all around De Rose Hill area, and came to stay at the De Rose Hill Station where her father worked as a station hand. Her father passed away while working at the station. One day a young man from Pukatja came to claim her as his wife, and she went to live with him in Pukatja, where she has remained.

As a mature woman Carlene has been a strong voice for Anangu women. Joining the NPY Women’s Council and serving as a director where she worked to support the wellbeing of women and their families on the lands. Carlene’s weaving reflects this strength, showing bold colours, and striking shapes, with beautiful technical skill that speaks of her years as a craft worker.