Papulankutja (Blackstone) WA

“I like making grass sculptures. It feels good and gives me something to do.”

Janet is a Ngaanyatjarra woman from Blackstone (Papulankutja) community, which lies 100 kilometres west of the WA, NT and SA borders, otherwise known as the Surveyor General’s Corner.

She currently paints at Papulankutja Artists, usually depicting the Nganurti (bush turkey) story or the Papulankutja (two lizards) stories. Janet learnt to make baskets from her older sister Ruby Reid and was taught to make artefacts by her mother. More recently she has taken to making Tjanpi sculptures with great enthusiasm and has produced a large quantity of unique and high-quality work. Many years of wood carving has given her a good feel for three-dimensional work. Recently she attended a metal casting workshop in Brisbane which further excited her sculptural imagination.

Janet was born in 1962 at Warburton Mission. Her father was Nyuntima from Tawulbalyana, a very famous Traditional Owner for the region around Papulankutja, and her mother, Yuminiya, was from Waltjatjara near Blackstone. Janet's mother was a very strong woman who was involved with initiating the Ngaanyatjarra Council and worked with NPY Women’s Council. Janet attended the mission and school in Warburton. During the holidays she would travel with her parents on foot around the region, hunting and gathering and visiting family and significant areas near Blackstone. She then attended school in Kalgoorlie for one year. She later moved to Norseman, where she married Craig Morrison and had three children, Albert, Jade and Trenita. In the early years of Blackstone Women's Centre, she tried her hand at various crafts including fabric painting and printing, tie-dyeing and making spinifex paper.