Pipalyatjara SA

Josephine learnt to make baskets from her mother, the well-known weaver Kuntjiria Mick. She is an inspired and prolific weaver making both baskets and small sculptures.

Josephine was born in Ernabella in the mid 1950s and grew up in the mission at Fregon, later moving to Amata where she married anthropologist Ushma Scales. She also spent some time in Ernabella where she learnt batik and ceramics at the craft room there. Josephine has five children and two grandchildren and now lives in the remote South Australian community of Pipalyatjara. She is an extremely active community member and has been a director of NPY Women's Council a number of times, travelling to many conferences and meetings to represent her community and their needs. She is a well-known Ngangkari (traditional healer), working mainly with children and women, and has been employed as a health worker at the Pipalyatjara clinic. She has also been highly sought after by educational institutions and organisations for her tremendous capacity to teach Pitjantjatjara culture.