Margaret was born in Alice Springs in the building next to the Royal Flying Doctor service, in 1959. Her mum is Pitjantjatjara, from Pukatja (Ernabella), and her dad is Eastern Arrente. Her mum's mother is from Docker River.

Margaret grew up in Ernabella and went to primary school there. She then moved to Alice Springs where she boarded at St Phillips and went to Alice Springs high school. Afterwards, she went to Adelaide where she studied towards, and received her teaching diploma. With this she moved to Amata, where she taught primary school aged children for 12 years. Margaret married, and her husband was from Warburton. They had one daughter, Joselyn who now lives in Warburton, and one foster daughter who lives in Alice with her 2 year old son.

Margaret started weaving 10 or so years ago. Nyukana Daisy Baker taught her how to make baskets. Margaret has never been interested in making animal sculptures or using wool, but prefers to make tight, round, strong baskets using natural raffia, embellished with ininti seeds, emu feathers, and other types of natural materials. Margaret also enjoys making beanies, and doing other forms of weaving.