Iwantja (Indulkana) SA

Nellie has been weaving baskets since 2007 and after attending a Tjanpi skills development workshop in October 2014, has since applied her outstanding basket making skills to create an exciting series of sculptural works. Already an acclaimed painter at Iwantja Arts, Nellie is inventive in her Tjanpi practice, and consistently produces highly imaginative pieces which are wonderful depictions of community life.  

Nellie Coulthard was born at Wintinna Homestead near Oodnadatta. She moved to Iwantja( Indulkana) with her family when she was a young girl. After she finished school Nellie worked at the Child Parent Centre in Iwantja. This was when the school was still quite new. Nellie has one child and four grandchildren. As an artist Nellie is an accomplished textile maker of both baskets and batik. She has a natural eye for detail and likes to use bright cheerful colours in her creations.