Mimili SA

Sheena commenced making baskets for Tjanpi Desert Weavers in 2010 then, following a workshop held at Mimili in mid-2011, commenced making sculptures. In a very short time she has become highly skilled as a fibre sculptor, creating works that reveal her exceptional eye for form, shape and colour.

Sheena delights in creating a range of animals that catch her eye, not only those with which she is familiar from around the community and out bush, but also animals from afar. She captures the essential qualities of the birds and animals she creates in a highly expressive and entertaining way.

Sheena lives in Mimili community on the APY Lands. Sheena's mother is Margaret Ngilan Dodd and her father is Sammy Dodd. Her mother's country is associated with Ted's Bore, near Sandy Bore, about 20 kilometres from the Mimili Community, and her father's country is near Kenmore. Sheena is married to Richard Neilson and has five sons and one daughter.