Amata SA

“I am from Amata and I really, really love being out with all of the other ladies here, away from the houses, away from the buildings and away from the communities, in the land, where all the grasses are growing. We really love being together and we find that when we are together in these workshop situations together, that we are really productive and make loads of fabulous things, and they just get bigger and better.”

Yaritji learnt how to make baskets in Amata and, like her other Pitjantjatjara relatives, probably learnt it from her Western Australian Ngaanyatjarra relatives when they were visiting in the late 1990s. Her style is very creative and she has made a wide variety of humorous objects such as small trucks and camp crockery. Her most favoured objects to create though are the very large low-rimmed baskets decorated with wipiya (emu feathers). She also paints.

Yaritji is a Pitjantjatjara woman born in the bush near the creek at Ernabella circa 1956. She attended school in Amata, and as a young girl visisted Ernabella and Fregon on the weekends. Her father came from Rocket Bore near Pipalyatjarra and her mother, Paniny Mick, came from near the perentie Tjukurpa site at Irrunytju. These days she lives at Rocket Bore and has three children, Valerie, Anthony and Christie.