Chriselda Farmer


2642-18 Thorny Devil Sculpture

L60cm x W15cm x H20cm

Tjanpi (wild harvested grass) with rainbow wool bindings and soft brown raffia spines

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Artist Biography

Chriselda Farmer grew up on the Ngaanyatjarra Lands in Western Australia. She now lives in the remote community of Warakurna with her husband and young family. Warakurna is located in Western Australia, approximately 800 km south west of Alice Springs, and 1700 km north east of Perth and has a population of approximately 200 Ngaanyatjarra people. As such, Chriselda is fluent in both Ngaanyatjarra and English.

Chriselda was taught to make baskets by her mother-in-law and prominent Tjanpi artists Nancy Jackson. She has adopted the minarri-rich (grass used in Tjanpi weaving) coil-style characteristic of basket-makers in the Ngaanyatjarra communities, which creates baskets with the minarri visible between stitches. Chriselda has refined this into her own unique style by neatly laying the minarri strands in narrow coils and sewing them in with brightly coloured raffia. Since attending a Tjanpi Weaving Masterclass in 2016, Chriselda has also been sculpting with the minarri, focusing on animals such as papa(dog) and tinka (goannas).