Doreen Driffen


Hand Painted Seed Necklace

Quandong and gumnuts on elastic

Pink, yellow, purple, black

55cm long

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Artist Biography

doreen-driffenDoreen Driffen is an artist who is from the Watarrka (Kings Canyon) region in the Northern Territory. Predominantly she creates hand painted seed jewellery. To make these pieces, first she goes out into the bush to collect the seeds from the trees native to the area around her home community – usually either gumnuts from the eucalyptus tree, ininti seeds from the bat wing coral tree or quandong nuts. Next she makes a hole in each seed using wire heated in the fire, then places each bead on a stick in the sand, and paints each with with up to 6 different colours, waiting paitiently for each colour to dry before moving onto the next. The final step is threading it on to elastic, and the whole process takes many hours.

With no formal training in either jewellery making or design, Doreen is a gifted artist, with a real eye for colour and a creative understanding of pattern making. Each piece she makes is a work of wearable art.

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Dimensions 55 cm