Eva Dixon


Handpainted seed necklace, bracelet and keyring set

Ininti seed, quandong and gumnuts on elastic

Blue, red, purple and pink

Necklace 38cm long, bracelet 10cm long, keyring 15cm long

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Artist Biography

eva-dixonEva is a Pitjantjara woman who was born in Amata, South Australia in 1969. As a young child Eva grew up approximately 500 km west of Amata in Irrunytju community, Western Australia. During this time Eva travelled around with her parents and sisters Norma Bryant and Valerie Baker, learning about her Pitjantjatjara culture, heritage and language. Eva later went to high school in 1300 km south of Irrunytju in the small Goldfields town of Norseman in Western Australia.

With her formal education completed, Eva moved back to Irrunytju, and worked in the community school. She later married, raised her children, passing on to them the knowledge her parents taught her.

Eva is an emerging Tjanpi artist and makes both baskets and sculptures. Eva’s work is characterised by strong stitches using colourful raffia and Minarri grass that grows around Irrunytju. Eva likes to sit down and weave with both her sisters, Norma and Valerie, at home in a relaxed setting.

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Dimensions 38 cm