Judith Yinyika Chambers


1131-19 Cat

Tjanpi (wild harvested grass) with red wool and natural raffia

L70cm x W20cm x H30cm

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Artist Biography

Judith was born in the bush at a place called Mitika, near Jameson community in 1958. Judith’s mother was well-known Tjanpi artist and painter Carol Maatja Golding and her father was Billy Golding. Judith went to school in Warburton mission school and later at Docker River school. Once she finished school she began working with Ngaanyatjarra Health. She later married and had three sons. Judith now lives in the remote community of Warakurna, Western Australia, approximately 800 km south west of Alice Springs, and 1700 km north east of Perth and has a population of approximately 200 Ngaanyatjarra people. As such, Judith is a fluent in both Ngaanyatjarra and English.

Judith is an accomplished weaver, making baskets and fibre sculptures from desert grasses growing close to her home. Judith is renowned for her flat sculptural works which tell stories of the Ngaanyatjarra Lands both historical and contemporary. Judith also uses the animals from her country as inspiration, including ‘camp dogs’, birds, goannas, porcupines or rabbits. Ancestral figures also inspire her work. Judith also paints with Warakurna Artists.