Kay Baker Tunkin


1304-14 Basket

Tjanpi (grass) with natural/red/green raffia and wipya (emu) feathers

L37cm x W30cm x H10cm

Kanpi SA

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Artist Biography

Kay Baker was born at Ernabella. As a girl she spent her early years at the mission there until her family moved to Fregon community. At Fregon Kay spent her time gaining skills working in the craft room. She moved to Kanpi, which is the traditional country of her father Jimmy Baker, in the early 1980’s and here she helped set up the local art and craft room.

Kay has a natural ability for depicting the animals that are prominent in this remote landscape. Particularly the tjulpu (birds) that she often portrays upon nests. She also creates many ngintakas (perentie lizards) and tinkas (goannas). She has a skillful approach to creating sculptures and weaving baskets and is also known for her detailed paintings. She has been represented at many exhibitions both in Australia and overseas and has work in private collections.

Shipping Information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 37 x 30 x 10 cm