Maringka Burton, Betty Braedon, and Eva Dixon


1299-8 Basket
Tjanpi (wild harvested grass) with natural, blue, purple, and pink raffia.
Diam 12cm x H6cm

Purple raffia
Entire length 9cm

Pink and purple raffia
Entire length 11cm



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Artist Biography

Maringka was born near Wingellina and grew up in Ernabella community. She went through school in Ernabella and spent most of her youth there.She later moved to Amata and then to Indulkana where she raised her family and still resides today. Maringka is a mother and grandmother for lots of young kids. She is an artist of many mediums including Tjanpi weaving, painting canvas and beaded jewellery. Maringka is also a practising ngankari (traditonal healer) and works with NPY Women’s Council to provide traditional healing services.

Betty Braedon was born in Alice Springs in 1977. Her mother Ann Nyankulya Cleary-Farall is from Ernabella and her father is from Tjitjikala. Betty is the eldest child with three younger brothers and three younger sisters. Betty spent her early childhood in Tjitjikala. She then moved to Indulkana. Betty attended school in Ernabella before moving to Alice Springs where she Also went to school. Betty then moved to Darwin. In 1985 Betty was doing canvas painting for Gondwana Art Gallery and Mbantua Art Gallery. Betty now lives in Alice Springs and works at the Hospital in the Aboriginal Liason office. Betty learnt the Tjanpi coiled basketry technique after her mother encouraged her and her Aunt Susan to learn this artform. Although Betty only started to weave in 2003 her baskets are unique and interesting.