Mary Smith


222-19 Tinka (goanna) Sculpture

L45cm x W20cm x H25cm

Tjanpi (wild harvested grass) with purple wool body, green wool feet and natural and green raffia stitching and features

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Artist Biography

Mary Smith is one of the younger weavers who is steadily coming up through the ranks. She lives in Blackstone Community, home of the emergence of basket weaving and also home of the Big Basket (5m x 4.5m). Her first experience at weaving started not with baskets but with weaving the Big Basket which was commissioned for the World Expo in Hannover Germany in 2000 .This piece was damaged so never returned to Austalia but made quite a show whilst it was there. Mary’s second greatest effort was with the lifesize grass Tjanpi toyota made at Blackstone in 2004. Mary was one of the driving and enduring hard workers who managed to work non stop for fourweeks to make and lead such a monumental work. After ythe Toyota she made her first basket. A small work 8cm wide.