Myra Richards


7184-17 Sculpture

Ngintaka (goanna)

Tjanpi (wild harvested grass) with multi-coloured wool and raffia

Warburton WA

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Artist Biography

Born in Warburton, Western Australia, Myra spent her early years in this area, travelling around with her parents, from whom she learnt about her Ngaanyatjarra culture, heritage and language. Myra later went to school in the community, where she learnt her second language, English.

With her formal education completed, Myra remained in Warburton where she worked at the school, running the breakfast club. Myra is the grand-daughter of renowned painting and Tjanpi artist Eunice Porter and the niece of Dorothy Richards. Following in her relative’s footsteps, Myra began creating Tjanpi in 2016 after attending a skills development workshop. At the workshop she made mungari (head rings) and tinka (goanna) using wool, raffia and minarri grass.

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Dimensions 65 x 28 x 20 cm