Nangawarra Ward


3895-18 Basket

Diam. 35cm x H 5cm

Tjanpi (wils harvested grass) with natural, sky blue, lime green and soft khaki raffia rings

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Artist Biography

Nangawarra was born on the Ngaanyatjarra lands, Western Australia in the 1950’s. Nangawarra’s mother was a Martu woman living near Jigalong, Western Austtralia, whilst her father was a Ngaanyatjarra man. Subsequently, Nangawarra spent her younger years travelling the country between the two cultural groups. After finishing school, Nangawarra married Mr Ward, a senior Ngaanyatjarra man and cultural custodian for the Warakurna area and together they raised a large family. Nangawarra now lives in Warakurna with her husband and is surrounded by her children and grandchildren.

Nangawarra began basket weaving for Tjanpi Desert Weavers in 2015. Her baskets are characterised by the use of bright coloured raffia and high basket sides, creating a vase-like affect. Nangawarra also sculpts using Tjanpi, and focuses on animal (camels) and machinery (aeroplanes and helicopters) themes