Polly Jackson Pawuya


3540-18 Papa (Dog) Sculpture

45cm x 20cm x 20cm

Tjanpi (wild harvested grass) with yellow and blue wool binding, natural raffia stitching and ears and purple wool eyes and black wool nostrils

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Artist Biography

Polly was born in the bush in 1957 at a soak called Yulpigari, close to Partupirri (Bunglebiddy rockhole), near Tjukurla community in Western Australia. She now lives in the remote community of Warakurna, Western Australia, located approximately 1700 km north east of Perth. Polly is a widower with two grown-up sons: Craig and Sweeny Jackson. Polly enjoys spending her time painting at Warakurna Artists art centre and basket weaving whilst helping look after her grandsons.

Polly is an experienced basket weaver and sculptor, and her work is characterised by the use of bright wool and raffia tightly wrapped and stitched. In her sculpting work Polly focuses on animal themes, depicting tinkas (goannas) and papas (dogs).