Roma Butler


5438-17WA Sculpture

Tjilkamata (echidna)

Tjanpi (grass) with red/white wool and green raffia

L30cm x W20cm x H21cm

Irruntyju (Wingellina) WA

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Artist Biography

Roma Nyutjangka Butler from Irrunytju is a weaver belonging to the Pitjantjatjara language and cultural group. She was born in 1959 at Wilo rockhole, on the kanyala (euro kangaroo) tjukurpa track. Roma spent her early years at Ernabella mission in South Australia and then travelled by camel to Warburton in Western Australia, where she went to school and learnt to read and write. Irrunytju is her grandfather’s brother’s country. Roma also works at Minyma Kutjara Arts and with Ngaanyatjarra Media presenting a radio program of local music and news.

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Dimensions 30 x 20 x 21 cm