Roslyn Utji Goodwin


5617-17 Sculpture

Ninu (bilby)

Tjanpi (grass) with natural raffia and red and orange wool

L100cm x W18cm x H32cm

Mimili SA

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Artist Biography

Roslyn Goodwin Utji  is a good friend and relative of senior weaver Julie Yangki, who has recently begun teaching “Utji” her weaving skills. Roslyn said she really enjoyed sitting down and making the tjanpi sculptures, that it made her feel good. She said it gave her something to occupy her time, and she felt good about that. Roslyn was born in Ernabella, but has now come to live in Mimili where she made this delightful ninu.

Once a prized bush tucker, ninu’s are now scarce. Community ranger programs have been successful in helping numbers increase by keeping feral cat populations down and tracking burrows. Ninu dreaming runs through APY lands.

Shipping Information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 100 x 18 x 32 cm