Teegan Tyson Hayes


Painted seed and gumnut keyrings

A set of 3

15 cm long

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Artist Biography

Teegan is one of Tjanpi’s youngest artists at 22 years of age. She grew up in Alice Springs and was taught to weave by her mother-in-law, one of Tjanpi’s best known artists Ann Cleary-Farrall from Wingelina, WA.

The first peice she produced in 2014 was a mat made with different colors. Since then she has enjoyed learning new techniques, creating a small kangaroo, birds, baskets and lizards.

Teegan uses the native grass as traditional medium, that holds the memory of bush craft, and works to come up with innovative ways to manipulate thefibre to create different creatures large and small.

At the moment Teegan is producing beautiful, distinctive birds which are reminiscent of the traditional coolamon shape.

“My grandmother is Magdaline Lynch, traditional owner of Blacktank, 80kms north Stuart Highway. I live and grew up in Alice Springs. My partner is Anne Cleary’s son. Anne is a Pitjantjatjarra woman from Wingellina in WA. Anne taught me how to do weaving with native grass, I find it expressive and enjoyable. I love to learn new things with weaving.

I started weaving in 2013 with Anne Cleary and Rochelle Ferguson. I made a mat of different colors, small kangaroos, baskets and a lizard. I like using grass, it’s traditional. When I make Tjanpi, I think of all sorts of things, like how the design will flow and what colors I will use colors to make it stand out or soft country colors,to remember the land” – Teegan, 2015

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