Tinpulya Mervin


4567-17 Sculpture

L38cm x W16cm x H20cm

Watarru (SA)

Papa – dog

Tjanpi (grass) with natural raffia and brown wool

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Artist Biography

tinpulya-mervinTinpulya was born near the remote South Australia community of Fregon. She is the sister of Wipana Jimmy and now lives in Watarru. Tinpulya sometimes collaborates on her fibre art with her neice Anne Dixon and her sister Wipana Jimmy.

“Where I come from is Waru Tjukurpa, which means Fire Dreaming. Because of that Waru Tjukurpa I have certain healing powers. It is from here that I get my ngangkari powers to heal children. Watarru is my mother’s country.

Now we are living back on our own traditional country and quite a few of us are working for Land Management, cleaning our rockholes, monitoring rare and endangered species such as brush tailed possums and black footed wallabies, mallee fowls and great desert skinks and marsupial moles. We are caring for the land that they cared for and which gave them fruits and seeds and berries with which to raise strong and healthy children.”

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 38 x 16 x 20 cm