Ininti Seed Bracelet

Tjanpi Desert Weavers


Ininti seeds on elastic.

Please note the colour and variations of ininti seeds varies from bracelet to bracelet, and the bracelets pictured are just examples. Upon receiving your order, we'll select a bracelet from our stocks. We're unable to guarantee specific colour variations.

Each bracelet comes with a tag that states the artist who created it.

Ininti seeds are collected in the traditional area of the NPY Lands from the bean tree, or bat-wing coral tree. When the season is right ladies will collect the seeds and dry them out. Narrow pieces of wire are heated over a fire, and a hole is burnt though the middle of each individual seed, then left to air out. The seeds are strung together with wool, string or elastic, and often mixed with gumnuts and quangdong seeds to make beautiful jewellery pieces. The seed comes in different colours, ranging from soft yellows through to warm oranges and then deep rich reds. The bean tree often features in aboriginal mythology.