Sappers & Shrapnel- Art Gallery of South Australia

Tjanpi Artists feature at Sappers and Shrapnel Exhibition

Sappers & Shrapnel: Contemporary Art and the Art of the Trenches
11 November 2016 – 29 January 2017 Art Gallery of South Australia

Tjanpi Desert Weavers will be exhibiting thought-provoking works and delivering artist talks as part of the Sappers & Shrapnel Exhibition opening at the Art Gallery of South Australia in Adelaide Thursday 11th November.

Sappers & Shrapnel is a contemporary art project inspired by the little-known and undervalued art form known as trench art. This term describes the objects made from the waste of warfare – objects crafted by soldiers, civilians and prisoners of war. Whether intended as trophies of war, souvenirs for those at home, or talismans for the battle ahead, trench art is an expression of our ineffable need to make art.

Tjanpi Desert Weavers artists Rene Wanuny Kulitja, Judy Ukampari Trigger, Erica Ikungka Shorty, Lucille Armstrong, Mary Katajuku Pan, Janet Inyika, Niningka Lewis and Freda Teamay contribute compelling contemporary works to this ambitious exhibition alongside trench art from the collection of the Australian War Memorial and new works by Fiona Hall, Ben Quilty.

Rene Wanuny Kulitja will be travelling from Mutijulu to deliver artist talks at the gallery about the intent behind the construction of the Tjanpi pieces.

“This work is about tragedy, grief and sadness. We talked together and decided to make this installation to illustrate our collective understanding of it…. This story goes back in time. It is what happened then. Yet what happened a long time ago still resonates today. We remember them. Each memory brings us pain and sorrow. “ Rene Wanuny Kulitja.



Janet Inyika working on her trolley piece
Image Copyright Tjanpi Desert Weavers
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