Betty was born in country near Watarru on the Emu country side (Yilaku) and grew up in the bush with her mother, father and brother. They all moved to Indulkana when the community was set up where she married a man from Iwantja. She has two sons and a daughter in Iwantja and family in Coober Pedy that she visits regularly. She is the proud grandmother of many grandchildren.

Betty started painting for Iwantja Art centre and still works on large scale canvases that are exhibited throughout Australia as well as making beautiful baskets for Tjanpi. In 2017 Betty's painting 'Ngangkari Ngura (Healing Country) won the Emerging Artist Award at the Telstra NATSIAA Awards. But she still loves to make her beautiful artworks for Tjanpi too.

Betty attended Law and Culture events hosted by NPYWC many years ago and watched other women making Tjanpi. She was keen to learn and has always liked to make large baskets as well as sculptures of papas.

Betty is a highly respected Ngangkari (traditional healer) and has worked in hospitals in Adelaide, Coober Pedy, Whyalla and Alice Springs.