Donate to Tjanpi

Tjanpi Desert Weavers is one of the few opportunities for self-initiated income in the Central and Western desert region, enabling women living in these communities to make an income from fibre art.

Each year, Tjanpi generates approximately $200,000 in income for its artists. The benefits to artists extend past individual income and encompass the positive social outcomes that arise from having meaningful and culturally relevant employment that brings women together and celebrates community, culture, and Country.

Artwork sales provide vital income but to fully cover the costs of running the enterprise we rely on modest government and philanthropic funding and donations from the public.

Your donation will support Tjanpi staff to regularly travel to all 26 remote communities spread throughout the NPY region (350,000 square kilometres), purchase artworks from the artists, supply art materials, hold skills development workshops, and facilitate grass collecting trips. On these trips women are able to spend time on Country and maintain their culture through gathering food, hunting, performing inma (cultural song and dance), and teaching their children.

Your support will allow this work to continue, inspiring a new generation of desert weavers and building a strong future for the communities in this region.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Jennifer Mitchell

Papulankutja WA

“When we do Tjanpi work we are working for our families.”